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1Registration Approval FAQ Empty Registration Approval FAQ on Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:42 pm


Site Admin
whenever possible, i would like to be the nice guy. it makes life easier & happier.
so if u are a nice fellow too, we would be in the same club.

However, there are also not-so-nice pple around our world too. And i have to manage them accordingly.

to Spammers :
perhaps u're a nice fellow trying to make a living. nothing wrong with that.
i understand that life is tough, but this is not the place to spam.
ur posting will be deleted & u will be ban.

to trouble makers:
its ok if u are barbaric by nature. but if u go around terrorising people,
u are on the 'wrong ball' i'm afraid. ur treatment will start with warnings,
eventully leading to banning for persistently breaking harmony in the forum.

u are free to choose any nick except actual table tennis brands & real life TT player's name.
eg.... WLQ.....Malong....Timo Boll...etc. (anything that reflects any part of their names will be rejected)

this is important for 2 reasons :
it does not reflect the uniqueness in each of us.
it is a kind of mis-representation of the real person.
please show some sincerity by choosing a proper nick & use ur personal email address.

Once u register, check ur email after a toilet break or something, the validation email should be in by then.

open it & click on the validate link in the email. do chk ur junk/spam folder as well.
if u missed it somehow, u still can log into forum to access ur profile to resend the validation email again.

if it still doesn't work out, do send me an email.

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