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Tips for buying online using Paypal

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1 Tips for buying online using Paypal on Mon Jan 21, 2013 10:14 pm


Just to share some experience, to benefit all :)

When you ordered online and pay using paypal, you are protected by paypal, provided you filed a dispute!

"PayPal Buyer Protection Programs require a dispute to be filed in the Resolution Center within 45 days of payment. If a dispute is filed 45 calendar days or more after the initial transaction, PayPal won't investigate the dispute.

We do reserve the right to reopen any claim for investigation within 180 calendar days if we receive multiple complaints about a particular seller. We will contact you by email if this is the case.

should you believed your seller tried to delay the shipment and the timeframe of 45 days to file for a dispute is almost past, kindly proceed to open the dispute case for that transaction as the payment that initially seller received will be then place on Hold and most of the time, seller will be forced to deliver the parcel accordingly to you and respond to PayPal's request promptly.

Also, once you file a dispute, there is an extra 20 days timeframe during the dispute stage to still allow you and your seller to communicate, should there's no further resolution, you can straight away proceed to escalate the case to a claim case and let PayPal decide on the case outcome."

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2 Re: Tips for buying online using Paypal on Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:10 am


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When I was active on ebay many years ago I hated it when the buyers used PayPal to pay for my items. The seller is always at a disadvantage & the buyer is overprotected. Seller always lose out on PayPal fees & if you're unlucky to have transactions with dishonest buyers then good luck to you!

But when I buy things on ebay I always like to pay by PayPal! tongue laugh

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