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TT at Bishan Sports Hall(Sunday, 9th Dec 2012):2pm-4pm

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guys/gals, as per message. I have booked a 2 hour session at Bishan sports hall.
2pm-3pm: table 2
3pm-4pm: table 9

For those who are keen, pls reply here. For those last minute ones, you can sms me 9475-7605.jay quak.

anybody at any skill levels can come join in. I am not a very polished player, so dun expect very high paced games.

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Thanks for booking the session. I will be attending. My skills level is quite average, I think - probably around 3-4 out of 10, if I were to use the self-rating system mentioned in the forum as a rough gauge.


National Level
National Level
Sunday TT is good for me bcos I can straight away go working after TT.
But the problem is whether can get weekend license !
I try to come if license approved.

1) jay quak
2) Sakuragi (maybe)

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National Level
National Level
Finally can make it n have a good time at bishan.
Thank u jay for organize this TT session.
U can be better just a matter of time.

Also meet Jimmy n chicken chop n play double with 2 coachs from bishan.

Hi chicken chop, next time move n don't block the ball !
Btw, nice game n good team work.

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