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For Kasumi Ishikawa fans

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1 For Kasumi Ishikawa fans on Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:35 pm


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For Kasumi Ishikawa fans

this is one of the later videos on her. Smile
unfortunately, no one has translated it with english sub yet.

ermm.... from my limited understanding :

she is back at her home town Yamaguchi for 2 months. not sure abt the exact
reason for the arranged coaching session at the school.
maybe promotional type objective ?? or courtesy event for coming home ?? dunno

during the initial short interview she is basically talking abt and
training hard for the coming Olympic games.
she hopes to get the medal when asked.

later her mum talks abt how her diet is controlled by Dietitian.
her staples, so call "power food", is rice.

then the second short interview, they ask abt interesting things
she has done lately. she mention abt wanting to watch dramas but not
having time for it. so end up watching movies instead.
she also went shopping for clothes at Ikebukuro shopping district.

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2 Re: For Kasumi Ishikawa fans on Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:52 am


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wah yuna... thanks for this upload.... !watching now.

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