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Looking for a place to learn TT

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1 Looking for a place to learn TT on Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:33 pm


Hi there,
I live in Punggol, north-east area, and would like to learn table tennis. I am now 12 but have never played TT before. Please help me to suggest a place which is near my house to learn TT(and add details).
Thank you!

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2 Re: Looking for a place to learn TT on Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:28 pm


(Budget: Less than $5 per 1.5-2h)
Prefer to be weekdays, morning or afternoon

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3 Re: Looking for a place to learn TT on Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:43 pm


You can try STTA learn to play program if there are no respond. Think they have this at Hougang on Friday evening. Go check out the website.

'Learn-To-Play' is specially catered for beginners in Table Tennis. In the 10 sessions, beginners will pick up the basic rules and fundamentals of playing Table Tennis. After which, players may proceed to 'Continue-To-Play' for further improvement in the sport.

1.   Introduction to Table Tennis
2.   How to Hold the Paddle
3.   Feel the Bounce
4.   Forehand Attack
5.   Backhand Block/Defence
6.   Brief History & Trends of Table Tennis
7.   Rules of the Game
8.   Basic Footwork
9.   Basic Service Skills
10. Evaluation Session

General Information on “Learn to Play” lessons

The class ratio of coaches to students per class is aimed to be kept at around 1 coach to 6 - 8 students

Minimum age to learn to play:  5 years old.

Course fees: $267.50 for 10 lessons (inclusive of GST)
*Kindly note that fees will be pro-rated for participants who join in the middle of the 10-weeks term.

I Love Table Tennis & Ping Pong  °Q(•_• )
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