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Bukit Batok East Team Challenge - - 16th July

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1Bukit Batok East Team Challenge - - 16th July Empty Bukit Batok East Team Challenge - - 16th July on Tue May 23, 2017 5:53 pm

Hi all,
Bukit Batok East Community Club is organising another table tennis team tournament.

Name of event : Bukit Batok Table Tennis Team Challenge
Date : 16 July 2017 (Sunday)
Time 9am to 6 pm
Venue : Bt Batok East CC Multi-purpose Hall
Fee : $30 per team
Format of competition (similar to Olympics team event, with restriction to one of the 3 players) : 
A    Each team’s line-up is made up of three players. At least one of the 3 players must be either <=12 years old, >=50 years old or a female player. Age is computed as of 1st Jan 2017.
B    Each team match consists of five individual matches, with the winner being the first team to win three individual matches. Each match will be best of 5 games.
C    The match schedule for a team match between Team 1 (Players A, B, C) and Team 2 (Players X, Y, Z) is as follows:
   1. Singles - Player A vs Player X
   2. Singles - Player B vs Player Y
   3. Doubles - Player C (who must play) and Player A or B vs Player Z (who must play) and Player X or Y
   4. Singles - Player A or B (whoever did not play in the doubles match) vs Player Z
   5. Singles - Player C vs Player X or Y (whoever did not play in the doubles match)

Registration is now open and can be done at Bukit Batok East CC counter only. Competition is open to all except current or ex-national players. Prizes will be awarded for top 4 teams.

Closing date is 30th Jun 12pm. Registration will close when the cap of 24 teams is hit.

All are welcome!

Chiew Hai

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Hi all ,
A reminder that this coming Sunday is Bukit Batok East Table Tennis Team Challenge.

We will start the first match at 9am. Registration will start from 8:30am. 

Here is the grouping for round 1 (round robin format)

Group A Group B 
Avanti Red乒乓酒鬼
Keat HongTeam Spirit
New Century ClubBukit Batok East Red
Group C Group D 
BOBInfinity Team
Raiders Of The GalaxyPZ8
Kilo Tango VictorAvanti White
Bukit Batok East GreenBukit Batok East Blue
Group E
Bukit Batok Men In Black

There will be 6 tables playing concurrently. Groups A-D will use one table each, while group E will use 2 tables concurrenly.

Chiew Hai

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Many thanks to all the participants of the tournament. We have a great variety of teams, from all young boys to veterans, an all ladies team, a family team and also several multi-nation teams.  We hope the young players gain valuable experience today.

Thanks again, and we hope to see you next year!

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