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Thinking of playing in the first TT league ?

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1 Thinking of playing in the first TT league ? on Sat May 14, 2016 5:18 pm


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Club Level
For the first time in 8 years , after the demised of the JOOLA league ,

Singapore is holding its very first private TT team league in 2016 

The 4th division league will begin in july 2016 
If you are keen to play in the league , Please hurry now : form a team of 14 players ( no nationality , sex or age restriction ) 

The team will have to play a round robin in the group stages and single elimination in the subsequent rounds .
Details ( ps txt me yr name , i will organise a team captain 's briefing )

Team(14 players ) : $280.00 registration fee 

Maximum 20 teams ( for division 4 )

All terms and conditions will be explained to team captains upon receiving yr watsapp

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Beginner Level
just to share my view.. Team of 14 players is hard to form...CSC games already quite hard to get players (even its FOC)..every year one will see the same players from the top tiers team  fighting...hope to see more smaller team events (like 4 to 6 players) so that the fixtures waiting time wont be long and more participations within members and of cos will allow easier to get members etc..

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Firstly , thank you Fairgame for your response .
CSC games as organised by People's Assoc , had so many restrictions on non Singaporeans , Foreign labours etc and criterias to fullfill , that is one major obstacle for the team managers .

This table tennis league is not for any " tom , dick or harry " 

This league is designed to provide a platform for Table Tennis enthusiast whom are searching , looking and waiting for an opportunity to play competitively .
That is also the reasons why i have decided to convince my committee that , table tennis is for everyone ! 
Why restrict ?
As long as you have the skills and you have the time , it does not matter that you are 9, 19 or 90 years old , it does not matter if you are a HIM , HER or SHIM ....
We have a platform for you to step up and prove your skills .

Every year , we have batches and batches of youth players , school players whom trained hard and played competitively ! Many have grown up over the years , some have graduated while others have started employment .

I know many talented youngsters amongst them , i have met and spoken with many . Sadly , a large number of these youngsters in their 20s had given up the game !

Reasons : There are no more challenges , they have no more zest for local tournaments , every time they go , they met the same faces over and over and over .....

The local venues are not ideal places for their trainings ( not forgetting that these youths have trained in top notch academy overseas and played in many overseas events in the schooling days )

Our local facilities and the local players were just not good enough to give them good reasons to make a come back !

Imagine , if every year we have a batch of 30 elite players graduating x the last 10 years , excluding ex school players , the numbers are huge !!!! But where are these people ? 
Do u see them often in yr training vicinity ? 

These will be the main reasons for the competition , i wish to see the best and the very best in these arena , to come forward and join in.

The 1st , 2nd and 3rd division players are highly skilled ! i hope that more hidden talents from our foreigners working and staying here could come forward to play in the league .

Did you know that a group of Filipino players were already in the 2nd division ? They have set an excellent example as a team of working professionals actively getting together to form a team to play here.

We also have a team in the 2nd division that comprised majority players from Malaysia , these are workpermit and PR professionals working and staying here .

In division 1 , we also have a team comprised 70% China nationals , working professionals , STTA coaches and sparring players .

Surprise surprise ! There is an all Girls team in the first division ! They comprised Sports School , Combine school players and let me tell you , they are really excellent ! 

So, you can see that there is really a lot of eligible players out there !
yipi yipi yipi

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thanks for your information. Thanks a lot
vợt bóng bàn sardius

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Hi, just moved to Singapore and would love to play table tennis in a league or similar. I'm far from really good but the meet up group I have been so far is not really challenging.



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Club Level
Hi ,

Come to yishun sports hall 
10.00 am to 1.00 pm ( mondays to fridays )

Standard : intermediate level 
Numbers : 10-12 players 

We have teams playing actively in the division league and also local tournaments
call : 91001672 chris

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Thanks Chris. Yishun sportshall is quite far away as I live and work close to the Redhill mrt. Would you know of any opportunity closer to me?

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Go Bukit Merah CC.  3 free tables available, most time empty, get a partner preferred, push your table and close your table if you are last to go, nets in the cabinet drawers by the side of toilets, water fountain also available.  ENJOY !!!

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