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Looking for Male training partners (competitive level)

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I am an adult male, able to play both shakehand and penhold, inverted both sides. My playing level is about rank 20-30 at current U18 level nationwide.

Am looking for dedicated young male players of good playing level and school representatives as regular training partner preferably 1 or 2 times a week to improve our game together. Am available during both weekday & weekends. Preferable locations in West, North or Central.

Mode of training will be multiball/drills/sparring. Interested parties please drop me a private message.  Thank you. Wink yes

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Beginner Level
Beginner Level
how was your PeiLian last time ? any cheap $20 per hour (or join a group with coaching type to split cost and stamina :)/ ) at Yishun Sport hall weekend  ?

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Was training w a top tertiary school player past few months but he went back china already. 

Have managed to find some other 
china n local training partners through this forum and also some referrals from friends. Most good ones min charge $30 and above per hour. Some up to $50. 

Full time coaches all start from min $40 and above. $20 and below u can probably find some students to train but their level probably wont be high. Likely could be i training them instead. Haha. If u need any contacts private msg me. I know some really good china n local peilian at reasonable rates.

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