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Coach recommendations?

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1 Coach recommendations? on Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:07 pm


Hi all, I have recently picked up table tennis with my friend, but we do not have any formal training before. I have also attended a few meetup sessions but find that the level of play are quite high there (probably at least 80% of them are intermediate players already).

I am seeking to learn proper techniques and footwork. Are there any recommendations for a coach? Preferably in the North on weekday evenings.

Thanks in advance!

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2 Re: Coach recommendations? on Tue Mar 01, 2016 1:09 pm

Hi Hexagon,

Have PM u my details. Can arrange a meetup if you are keen. Happy training.

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3 Coaching available on Wed May 25, 2016 12:18 am



I am offering coaching services, seems like I can help you out.

Let me know if you need my help.

You can directly reply me at

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