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Taman Jurong Championship 2015 - A poorly organised tournament

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The recently concluded Taman Jurong TT championship is a poorly organised tournament for the various reasons:

1) Poor Logistics and Planning

Total of 49 teams participated. Had to play in 2 sessions. 25 teams in Session 1 and 24 teams in session 2. Assuming an average of 4-5 per team. The organisers should have anticipated at least 180 pple to show up (excluding parents/supporters etc....)

The multipurpose hall is definately not big enough to accomodate so many people. Resulting in overcrowiding.

Dont think there are even 100 chairs available in the multi purpose hall that day.  End up many teams left immediately after playing because no space for them to hang around and watch games.

2) Format of play confusing??!!

Because too many teams take part, all teams play against 2 other teams in same group.  However depending on match score and set score, 49 teams suddenly choose 8 teams to progress to quarter finals (8 teams remaining) .  Seriously what type of tournament format are they using?

Some teams may be drawn in group with 2 strong teams with national youth/top players, while other teams may be drawn into easier groups with leisure players.  Who decides on the seeding?

What happened was a disaster, some teams won both teams in their group but becos they didnt win comprehensively enough, they were knocked out.  (E.g YDS Boys consisting of Max Toh, Dominic and a few others, they won 3-0 and 2-1 against their group opponents but did not qualify for quarterfinals)

3) Poor standard of organisers & umpires

Organisers told the participants to come between 8 - 8.30 am to register. Session 1 supposedly starts at 9 am sharp.  but by 9.30 am the tournament also havent start. The umpire who is supposed to umpire my teams game was late and made us wait for 10 min before both teams could play. 

I suspect many of the umpires are not the STTA qualified ones becos even simple decisions like need to change ends once reach 5 points in deciding sets they also can forget. Not to mention awarding and calling scores wrongly. Many a times players had to correct the umpire on his mistakes.

THe umpiring standard also vary too much, got one umpire there is grand finale womens semi umpire between ishikawa & fukuhara, another umpire some student making part time income on weekend. Come on!

4) Organising committee simply dissapointing.

When they advertise event say limited teams only. first come first serve basis. End up registered all teams and collect $40 registration fee from every team.

Quite obvious a venue like taman jurong cannot hold an event for so many pple.  My estimate is at most 20-25 teams max. to think they can run an event with 49 teams show a lack of foresight in their planning.  Quite apparent they only keen to earn the $40 registration fee and also meet their KPIs so they can tell their bosses they organise such big scale events successfully.


The best part abt the tournament is the nasi lemak lunch and i think that says a lot about the standard of the tournament.  Will go taman jurong cc if they organise food fair, if they organise the tournament again in 2016 will surely give it a miss. -)

A note to organisers:  Community events are for the community, not for u all to treat us like numbers & digits to fulfill your KPI.  Please do plan well for future events. 2015 event is simply a  big dissapointment

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