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Taman Jurong Team Championship 2015

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1Taman Jurong Team Championship 2015 Empty Taman Jurong Team Championship 2015 on Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:14 am


Another exciting team competition lined up in the overall calendar of competitions for 2015.

Check it out

1) Singles A
2) Doubles
3) Singles B

-Open to all wp holders, long term pass holders and student pass holders.


- Team must have at least 2 Sporeans or PRs
- A maximum of 42 teams will be allowed based on 1st come first serve basis.
- Qualifying rds = best of 3 sets
- Semi-finals and onwards best of 5 sets
- national, ex national sparring partners or national assistant coaches not allowed for competition.

*Discount of 50% off $40 registration fee if 2 out of 5 of the members of team comprises of family members (e.g. father-son, mother-son, etc)

Closing date of registration 9 Jan 2015 @6pm


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2Taman Jurong Team Championship 2015 Empty Re: Taman Jurong Team Championship 2015 on Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:16 pm


Club Level
Club Level
Hi Terryblu ,

i know that you travel far and wide across the island to visit various TT haunts out there in recent months, your skills have shown tremendous improvements given the short period of time that you have pick up from your previous lay-off . 

Can you help me to list the places that you have visited and also those that you know that is open to players ? 
You may also watsapp me if you have it in yr records . Thks  yipi

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3Taman Jurong Team Championship 2015 Empty Re: Taman Jurong Team Championship 2015 on Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:03 am


hey sushi, 
thanks for the encouraging comments. Apart from the places listed by levin via this comprehensive list


1) bukit panjang cc 
    tues, wed, thu fri 9am-1pm
    mon, tue, thu 7-10pm

2) Braddel heights cc
    mon 7-10pm
    wed, fri 1pm-4pm

3) Yishun sports hall 10am-2pm (everyday)
    - many experts there
    - passionate table-tennis fanatics 

are also some good places to go play/explore which i have visited. 

Heard that toa payoh safra every tuesday night 7pm onwards also have all the national youth players sparring and playing there been there once ,hdb hub on tuesdays nights and taman jurong on thursday nights near block 512 if i remember correctly. 

Hope the info helps, enjoy!

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4Taman Jurong Team Championship 2015 Empty Suggestions to improve taman jurong comp on Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:40 am

Good exposure. One of few competitions in Singapore where girls & guys compete with each other.

Would be better if start from best of 5 games from the group stage onwards. Best of 3 games is relatively short.  Weaker teams may just come for 30 min and can pack bag go home liaoz.

Can also consider lowering the registration fee of $40 per team

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5Taman Jurong Team Championship 2015 Empty Re: Taman Jurong Team Championship 2015 on Fri Jan 23, 2015 1:41 pm


agree with you on that curious sporean. difference btw a 5 sets and 3 sets game psychologically is big. warming up fast and adjusting to the match day conditions fast on day itself will be important. 

total of 49 teams participating and not sure how big the venue over at taman jurong will be. Perhaps these 2 factors mentioned play a part in a 3 sets design (easier to manage). 

Anyhow good for spore to have an active all yr round calendar to look forward too. With stta support, the layman can better enjoy table tennis at the community level!

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