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Crying baby

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1 Crying baby on Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:48 pm


John: Jane, why do u say I am a bad guitar teacher?
Jane: cos ur guitar students can't play guitar well.
John: how can u comment on me since u are not a guitar player?
Jane: I have ears to listen.

John: I wan to sue u for commenting on my teaching
Jane: u r crazy
John: I wan sue u for saying I am crazy
Jane: go ahead.

John's mum: John stop behaving like a kid, go to sleep. laugh  laugh  laugh

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2 Re: Crying baby on Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:22 pm


Tournament Level
Tournament Level
I heard of this before. John is not a baby. He is a 50-60 yr old man.
An old man who is afraid of losing his reputation, an old man who doesn't know how to improve students  to higher level to prove his worth.
An old man who drags other people down for his own ego.
An old man who eventually showed everyone he really has some problems.
An old man who have lost his reputation totally by now.

This story is just a minor issue within a few playmates, by which the old man , for his own dumb ego, created it bigger and bigger till everyone realises the real problem really lies with his character.

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3 Re: Crying baby on Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:45 pm


Mr shortpimpwhacker, the story didnt end here just lidat!

John: Jane, I getting my guitar students' to find fault with u!!!

Jane: John, do as u please. Your students and parents will one day know u are using them to come after me cos ur ego is being punctured. Time will let them realize.

 John: not only do I have my student's parents , I will ask a school guitar teacher go screw u up too for commenting I am not a good guitar teacher.

Jane: the more u do so ppl will know u are jus using them to satisfy urself jus cos my ears do really tell me that not only u are not a very good guitar player, majority of ur students really can't play guitar well. 

John: I am going to threaten the management of the place u always go to do something to u!!!

Jane: go ahead, ur actions already tell everyone around those involved know u are mentally disabled. 

John's mum: stop acting like a fool John, the whole world is going to laugh at u soon.

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4 Re: Crying baby on Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:48 am


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Tournament Level
Haha, yes mr marksman, u have heard about this real life story too. This John from what I heard is still trying to dig problems for anyone who comment on him. A human who can't cope with other ppl's comment in other ppl's group chatting not involving him can jus go dig his head into cow dung. 

For that, he tried to make matter look big but I heard all those involved are talking among themselves that John is a crazy old man. An old man dat does nuts but try to bring troubles to others not within his circles. In the end? Even more ppl from young to old are 'shooting' John down down down.

Mr mArksman, lets change john's name to ' after eat no shit to shit' . Nothing to do want pull and drag more ppl down into his game? Please!!! Go home sleep.

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5 Re: Crying baby on Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:03 pm


From my third party point of view, 'Mr John' is suffering from lack of recognition by the environment and surroundings. I believe this has got to do with his past or character issue. Not a big deal about this person. Normally a normal human can take opinions of others negative comments to clients, suppliers or any others. It's part and parcel of life. Even politicians, principals, teachers, businessmen, agents all need to see such things as normal. 

Lack of social experience here. However, I believe the sch coach or teacher not directly involved is kind of.....tarring his own reputation to the very most. Pure stupidity. Many are commenting he is such a nasty cheap busybody who try stir up things even more so. 

This joke by marksman has spread from the east to north and west. Even to china soon I believe.

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6 Re: Crying baby on Sat Mar 15, 2014 2:34 pm


Mr Cpen, my joke has spread to your business location in China? You are always a step ahead of me!
Please update me on any new happenings to this'joke'. Such people can still exist in our modern society. 

Mr Spw, u are an old man too. How about me telling you u are worse than crazy? U r a 'moron sadistic retard'. I am sure u will not mind even I speak up right at ur face right? Unlike John. 

John, please go home sleep.

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