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Snatching players from other teams

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1 Snatching players from other teams on Fri Jan 24, 2014 11:34 am


Recently heard of one person here trying to ask players whom he just know from other teams join his team for some tournaments even though he already knows the players have joined other teams. Not just once he asked but a few times. 

Well, as part of our society, we do know its wrong morally. Not only it will affect his image, his team's image and the players whom he try to ask image. Considering how the friends of the players will think even though the players are unwilling to join him. 

Therefore I consider this kind of act not only morally wrong but its also very selfish. I do think team organizers should recruit players who dun have teams or players who say they want to change team. 
Cos it can really affect the morale of other teams especially when the players of other teams know each other for some time already.

Mr George, Indoaro the username here likes to do this. This person has dont know what is ' invisible law of society' . Please spare thoughts on players whom u try to snatch over to ur team for such minor events. U may end up screwing up the players current social table tennis circle. 

Ur son is 2311? Is his tt social life so screwed that u enjoy screwing others up?

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2 Re: Snatching players from other teams on Fri Jan 24, 2014 11:51 am

Swee swee

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Beginner Level
Mr marksman,  you use rifle bulls eye this fellow Indoaro or use tank Shocked ?
I think he must be too desperate to win that is why is acts in such unscrupulous manner.
Personally, i think many will think it is players' choice. Yes, but since he can ask for more than once and he does it more than a player then he should think himself as a failure as a society being.

Furthermore if Indoaro 2311 is his son, then he is setting a very bad eg, teaching his own kid how to be unscrupulous. His own doings will jus fall upon his son as his son will learn not to have any 江湖规矩。

Mr Indoaro, relax. Any tournaments are just for exposures and experiences,why are u behaving this way? Do u think u are a soccer manager? But that requires transfer fees lol. Normally we just gather players within our own circle, please do not stretch too far to affect other teams!

Does remind me of someone snatching my buddy's wife off. laugh

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3 Re: Snatching players from other teams on Fri Jan 24, 2014 12:12 pm


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Tournament Level
Mr  Swee my friend, I think marksman is a sniper instead. Mr Indoara is George? Hohohahahohohaha.
So his son is indra2311. Wasn't his son in his team? Why need recruit players fr other teams so desperately? Why isn't he giving his own son a chance in tournament? Too lousy? Give him more play time and get experience is what he should do. His son must be feeling really lousy since this George is doing something quite wrongful just becos his son isn't good enough to play the key role?

Sad sad sad for the kid. Indra2311, u must work harder so ur father will not need sweat over his players. As for indora, u really need to think about ur doings right or wrong leh. Cos u may bring unhappiness to quite a few parties indirectly involved. Why resort to this? U should focus on ur son's skills instead. If ur purpose is to bring more ppl to play wif ur kid, then dun ask ppl from other teams join ur team. 

Swee Swee said u r acting like a soccer manager . Think is it worth to do such a thing and people around u end up knowing u have something wrong with you. Soccer managers are paid millions a year... U forming a team how much are u being paid a year to do such a lousy thing? Not worth right?Not calculating.... How u play tt then?

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4 Re: Snatching players from other teams on Fri Jan 24, 2014 12:25 pm


A common case. Leave this type of people alone. Enjoy all your table tennis everyone!

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